10 Most Famous Celebs with a Serious Gambling Addiction (Past and Present)

Celebs roulette are stacked with cash, and a significant number of them utilize that cash to bet.

Some are fruitful in it, some are simply unadulterated washouts. Look at our rundown of 10 most well known genuine famous people that were accounted for to have a dependence on betting.

#10 Dana White
The leader of the UFC Dana White is exceptionally renowned for his betting propensities. He is entirely great at betting, and has announced that a few evenings he leaves with up to $5 million just from playing blackjack. He is known to wager $50,000 per hand and has been asked by numerous gambling club authorities to quit playing at their grounds.

Clearly, his abilities are harming the gambling clubs’ benefits. He is famous for not paying the UFC contenders enough for their battles, yet he wouldn’t fret making very high stakes at each hand. What’s more, as of late, Palms Casino in Las Vegas clearly restricted Dana White briefly time from playing at their club. More data can be found at the Las Vegas Review Journal here.

#9 Tiger Woods
Other than being the most renowned and presumably the best golfer ever, Tiger Woods is known for his indecencies as well, as sexual undertakings and betting.

One of his courtesans affirmed the talk that Tiger wagers $25,000 per hand while playing blackjack. He is known to be a hot shot player and has even gotten a $1 million wagering limit by the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where he generally demands for the table to be loaded up with lovely young ladies. His betting habit has become public when he turned out to be old buddies with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley who are additionally on this rundown for their betting enslavement.

#8 Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is an enthusiastic player, be it poker or blackjack. When he lost a $400,000 poker hand and in 2001 and really look at himself in recovery to tackle his betting issue. He is known to go through long stretches of playing a game of cards in club, and commonly affected by liquor.

Once he bet $60,000 on a blackjack hand while being plastered however figured out how to win $800,000. He even passed on a liberal tip to the gambling club representatives of $150,000. Maybe the greatest occurrence for Affleck was the point at which he was prohibited from a specific Las Vegas gambling club because of card counting. Gracious, and that is not gossip – he conceded that he counted cards during rounds of Blackjack.

#7 Tobey Maguire
Toby is generally renowned for his driving job in the Spider-Man films, however he is likewise well known for his dependence on playing poker. He is so dependent on this game that he was even sued for partaking in an unlawful poker ring. He is likewise dynamic in the World Series of Poker and has had a lot of progress there.

Tobey is really a generally excellent poker player. Up until this point, he has purportedly won a sum of $10 million by playing poker games in club. In any case, this main effectively underscores his grasping dependence on the game. He has additionally battled with liquor before.

#6 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is as of now the undefeated expert fighter that has talent for wagering on sports. His new winning was accounted for to be a $3 million win from a bet on school football. He is likewise known to consistently wagered up to $400,000 per game.

His ex even has said that one time she needed to drop off $700,000 for him to cover his gambling club bet, and prior in January 2014 media revealed that Floyd Mayweather might have put down a $10 million bet that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl. In 2017, Conor McGregor referenced Mayweather’s betting enslavement during their go head to head before their battle in Las Vegas.

#5 Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan hasn’t had a lot of progress in betting as he had in playing ball. He is perhaps the best ball player there at any point was, however his betting abilities could require getting to the next level. The principal situation where he showed his betting fixation was the point at which he conceded that he lost $165,000 in Atlantic City in 1993.

He is likewise an energetic poker player, with a history that is not exactly immaculate. He even bets when he plays golf with celebs like Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley. At one time Jordan lost $1.25 million in golf to Richard Esquinas, a finance manager from San Diego. It is supposed that his betting was the reason for his retirement from b-ball.

#4 Charles Barkley
Barkley is one more well known competitor completely dedicated to betting. Notwithstanding, it appears to be that his betting vocation hasn’t been pretty much as fruitful as his athletic one – losing has been a significant piece of the story. In a meeting back in 2006 he said that he lost almost $10 million and mind blowing $2.5 million in only one evening of Blackjack.

He has conceded that betting is a significant issue for him when he said that he lost $700,000 in one end of the week by wagering on the Super Bowl. In 2008 he expressed that he won’t bet any longer when a club sued him for owing $400,000. Following a 2-year break, he got back to his old propensities. Since his re-visitation of gambling clubs, Barkley has been rehearsing “balance”. At the point when he was asked how much cash he had lost before, he answered by giving an assessment of $30 million.

#3 Ray Romano
The entertainer known for “Everyone Loves Raymond” is really a previous Gamblers Anonymous “patient”. The amusing and adorable person we as a whole watched in the famous sitcom was fighting enslavement while the show was still on. Several years after the finish of the show he was conceded into the program.

He went there by his own will and fortunately, he has prevailed to put his unfortunate behavior pattern taken care of. Nonetheless, old propensities truly do die hard – he is as yet betting as region of the planet Series of Poker, albeit not that effectively. These beyond couple of years, he put down wagers while playing golf, and virtual wagers, yet not with genuine cash.

#2 Charlie Sheen
Everyone knows Charlie Sheen! Charlie has forever been at the center of attention for his numerous indecencies, and betting is one of them. His ex and entertainer Denise Richards guaranteed that Charlie has been spending more than $200,000 every week to fulfill his betting desire.

As per her, he wasted large number of dollars on his vices, meanwhile neglecting to pay youngster support. He consistently played poker and wanted to wager on sports. He was so dependent on betting that he even put down a games bet over his telephone while hurrying to the medical clinic for his little girl’s introduction to the world. Nonetheless, following two or three hard years, it appears to be that he scholarly his illustration. Supposedly he doesn’t bet any longer.

#1 Allen Iverson
Normal avid supporters consider Allen Iverson a fruitful b-ball player, one of the absolute best.

Nonetheless, much to their dismay that Allen Iverson lost everything due to his betting obligations. His NBA vocation has procured him $200 million, just for him to discard them on betting and drinking. Regardless of being down and out, he is likewise under water. His significant other left him along these lines, and he lost a large part of the sponsorship bargains, for example, the $50 million lifetime joint effort with Rebook.

He has even had numerous upsetting circumstances while playing in gambling clubs, bringing about quarrels with club workers and being found peeing in a garbage bin before a club. Iverson has been restricted by numerous gambling clubs in Atlantic City and Detroit.

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